The Inner Glow Sound Bath with Emily Rose Lansley & Barbra May of Mystic Sisters

The Inner Glow Sound Bath with Emily Rose Lansley & Barbra May of Mystic Sisters

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This event is guest hosted by Emily Rose Lansley & Barbra May.

Join Emily Rose Lansley and Barbra of Mystic Sisters for a morning of healing in which you will be guided through a transformative journey featuring the ethereal resonance of alchemy bowls and the celestial flavours of Cosmoss Dawn Tea.

Immerse yourself in the healing power of frequency sound healing using sacred instruments crafted from rare crystals and gold and infused with intention, will envelop you in a symphony of harmonic frequencies, nurturing both body and spirit. Combined with Emily Rose Lansley's signature facial massage masterclass using crystal Gua Sha tools, you'll not only work on your outer glow but your inner glow too.

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Date: Sunday 28th April
Duration: 90 minutes
Time: 10 - 11.30am

Investment: £60

Through Emily and Barbra combining their energetic work together, they bring a collective healing experience. Emily will be working on you releasing the toxins your skin holds whilst Barbra's sound healing exercise will allow for your body to let go of any negative energy or feeling that you may be still holding on to that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential.

As you surrender to the gentle waves of sound, allow your senses to be awakened by the aromatics of your welcome tea. Sip slowly and savor each sip as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation.

Whether you seek relaxation, clarity, or simply a moment of blissful escape, this transcendent experience promises to elevate your consciousness and ignite your soul.

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Your hosts: Emily Rose Lansley is a London based, celebrity facialist and beauty expert with over 13 years industry experience. Her signature sculpt and glow facial massage combines deep tissue sculpting massage techniques to lift and revive the facial muscles, boost blood flow and reduce inflammation for plump, glowing skin. She has built her career in the fashion and film industries and is represented by prestigious agency The Wall Group. Emily’s portfolio includes a multitude of red carpets, fashion shows and beauty campaigns.

Barbra May is the founder of Mystic Sisters, a transformative wellness company  providing events and treatments embracing contemporary & ancient spiritual healing. Her early life was marked by formal studies in music, drama, and a deep exploration of alternative medicine before acquiring qualifications in sound healing frequencies, Reiki, Angelic and Crystal healing, and meditation. With patience, respect, and empathy, Barbra collaborates closely with her clients to activate and realign their chakras. She also offers guidance in cleansing and resetting their living or working environments, enabling them to return to a state of natural, balanced, and revitalized well-being.