Conscious Awareness; Breathwork with Paddy Cavendish

Conscious Awareness; Breathwork with Paddy Cavendish

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This event is guest hosted by Paddy Cavendish.

Join breathwork practitioner Paddy Cavendish for a session of breathwork to help you explore your inner self and achieve deep relaxation in a safe and supportive environment. 

Paddy is offering two sessions throughout the day - click here to book your place. Please note discount codes are not applicable to workshops and events. Any tickets purchased with discount code will be void and refunded.

Date: Sunday 21st April
Duration: 60 min
Times: 10 - 11am, 4 - 5pm
Investment: £35 

What is breathwork?

Breathwork, as a practice, is bringing conscious awareness to the way our breath moves and directing it in a different way to get a different result. It is a self-help and self-healing method.

Breathwork involves intentionally controlling the way you breath to directly influence your body's inner workings, reducing stress and anxiety, increasing calm and encouraging well-being. 

Breathwork can be used as a form of meditation for those of us who find it hard to sit still and meditate.

Every time our internal state changes, our breathing pattern changes, and this is a two-way thing. If we change the way we breathe, we then change our internal state.

We can use the breath to reach profound states of relaxation, as well as heightened states of energy.

The benefits:

Improve emotional and mental health
Enhance physical wellbeing and endurance
Release toxins - 70% are released through the breath
Better clarity and focus - breath is the vehicle by which we process emotional energy
Trauma release - over time trauma builds up in the body, and breathwork allows us to reprocess energy and emotion that didn’t get processed the first time around.

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Your host: Paddy Cavendish is a breathwork practitioner passionate about helping more people to use the power of breath as a tool to improve their physical and emotional health and drive impact in both their personal and professional lives.