​The Metro’s Lisa Bowman explores the world of organic and naturally based shampoos and conditioners after paying a visit to Glasshouse Salon. “I visited Glasshouse Salon in Hackney, east London, and noticed they use Organic Colour Systems products. During my visit, I had a chat with Mel about organic products, and she explained to me how they work. I wanted to find out more.”

Olivia Crighton also comments on the differences between traditional and naturally based haircare. “Sulphates are used in shampoos as a foaming agent. Not only are sulphates irritants, but over time they can dehydrate the hair and scalp. Traditional sulphate-based shampoo’s can leave you with a more a “squeaky clean feel” and so you may experience less bubbles and a more “creamy” lather with the products we use.”

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