Hairdresser's Journal

Hairdresser's Journal

Product Closeup, Organic Colour Systems - January 2016

Olivia was interviewed in a feature in Hairdresser’s Journal talking about the benefits of using the Organic Colour Systems range.

“The key difference however, is hair condition. The tints don’t compromise the hair’s condition at all, leaving the hair in the exact same state as before colouring. It’s hard to comprehend just how important this is for us as stylists.”

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Interior’s Inspiration: Glasshouse Salon, London - March 2016

Glasshouse was featured in an interior spotlight piece in Hairdresser’s Journal (both print and online), profiling the design and aesthetic of the salon.

Read the full feature here.

Save your energy: Glasshouse Salon, April 2016

Glasshouse was included in the magazine’s run down of eco friendly tips for salon owners, with Olivia giving advice on how to save energy when running a salon.