Spotlight: Pansy Sport

Spotlight: Pansy Sport

In the salon, we place a great deal of importance on environmental friendliness, and we’re naturally big fans of brands who do the same. One of our favourites is the underwear label Pansy, who produce simple, well-made basics under the Californian sun.

We first came across Pansy a while ago and loved what we saw. Their focus on sustainability combined with an easy, sun-bleached aesthetic struck a chord with us, so when they recently announced their new collection, Pansy Sport, we were all ears.

Pansy Sport features clothes designed to exercise in, ranging from leggings and t-shirts to cross-back sports bras (though we’re lusting after the waist-tie playsuit most of all…) in flattering shapes. Made from organic cotton, these are clothes which place comfort front and centre, and they come as a refreshing alternative to the often performance-centred world of workout gear.

Even better, the items in the collection are available in universally flattering navy blue, as well as neutral creams and browns, rather than the blacks and loud neons which often populate the gym.

Offering Pansy’s laid-back spin on the ‘athleisure’ trend that is currently sweeping the UK and US, there’s something in the Pansy Sport selection for every body shape, clothing preference and workout intensity. This inclusiveness is an extension of the Pansy ethos, which seeks to make every woman feel her most happy and comfortable when wearing the brand, regardless of body type or size.

We can’t think of anywhere this might be more important than in a workout context, which can sometimes feel intimidating, especially for beginners or those returning to exercise after some time off.

For this reason, the campaign for Pansy Sport, shot by Natassia Brückin, seems to place an emphasis on enjoyment and collaboration. As a sort of antidote to the gym, which can feel like a quietly competitive environment, the images depict a diverse cast of models exercising as a group across different sports, on an outdoor basketball court. This captures Pansy’s oneness with nature, as well as showing both the versatility of the collection and the fun-loving nature at its heart.

So if you’re after some new workout clothes, whatever your sport or speed, we’d recommend Pansy Sport. The entire range is clean, cute and functional, and it’s a total breath of fresh air in a market which can often feel dull and uninspiring.

Words: Lauren O’Neill
Images: Natassia Brückin for Pansy