Rita's Summer Soda Series: Mexican Vampire Juice

Rita's Summer Soda Series: Mexican Vampire Juice

The summer season continues and so do the sodas! We’re bringing you another delight from our soft drink collaboration with Hackney restaurant and bar, Rita’s. This time we’re ditching the fizz for a cold-pressed juice to give you a health kick and a punch of sweet and savoury flavour all at once.

Inspired by an original Mexican recipe, this interestingly titled Vampire Juice (or jugo de vampiro if you’re feeling authentic) combines beetroot, carrot, oranges, celery and citrus for slice of Mexicana sunshine. Freshly squeezed fruit and veg juice is a tradition, rather than a trend in Mexico, and this particular one is super energising. We recommend yours for brunch with a plate of Rita’s huevos rancheros and (hopefully) some hot hot sunshine…

Ingredients (to make 1 litre of juice):

2 beetroots
5 carrots
5 oranges
75ml lemon juice
1 stalk of celery

  1. Using a cold press (or a regular juicer if you prefer) juice all the ingredients and combine together.
  2. Serve chilled, on ice, with a stick of celery to garnish.

Recipe: Ophelie Delvecchio at Rita’s Photography: Rosie Herdman for Glasshouse Journal
Words: Lucy Vincent