Perfect palettes: Khaki

Perfect palettes: Khaki

Now that summer is in full swing it’s a great excuse to spend all your time outside in the greener parts of the world and a khaki nail is a great beauty companion.

We love the relaxed style of this muted tone; khaki can go with a wide spectrum of colours and really compliments other paired-back nail shades such as white, navy, beige and burgundy.

Our favourite shade of the great green in our Kure Bazaar polishes is Khaki, but if you’re feeling something a bit brighter then Boyfriend is a more statement shade. Kure Bazaar polishes are free from the five nasty chemicals that are usually found in traditional nail varnish; toluene, formaldehyde, DBP, BHA and solvent, ensuring they preserve the strength and natural properties of your nails. Find out more about Kure Bazaar here.

The polishes can be bought in the salon or picked up online at Glasshouse Shop, and don’t forget that our manicurists are here every Saturday to help you style up (or down) your nails.

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