Makeup Bag Overhaul at Glasshouse Salon

Makeup Bag Overhaul at Glasshouse Salon

We’re no strangers to the world of organic and natural makeup and take every opportunity to spread the word - especially when it concerns some of our favourite brands stocked both in the salon and online at Glasshouse Shop. So we’ve decided to take things a step further and introduce a 45 minute natural beauty service available in the salon. Whether you’re a green beauty advocate or a newbie looking to switch your makeup to a more natural alternative, our team are here to offer you all the guidance you need to give your beauty routine an eco overhaul.

We’re super excited about our in-salon services, offering a complete consultation covering every element of your makeup bag, advised and demonstrated by our trained experts. We’ll get you to fill out a quick consultation form prior to the appointment and take a £30 deposit which will go towards your new products from the likes of RMS, Jane Iredale and Ilia Beauty.

We’re true believers in makeup that contains nourishing natural ingredients and fewer chemicals, offering in-built skincare benefits and the same high performance you’re used to in your normal routine. Our team are equally as passionate (and talented!) so we’re here to spread the knowledge and get you as hooked as we are on natural/organic products. For more information, browse our online shop and read more about our new makeup bag detox service. Or feel free to call or email the salon to chat further.

Image: AL&K for Glasshouse Salon