Local loves: Earl of East London

Local loves: Earl of East London

Our latest local love is Earl of East London, a treasure trove of curiosities and beautifully curated items for the discerning homeowner. Nestled amongst Netil markets vibrant stalls, EOEL stands out from the crowd by supplying unusual and hard to find items that are just begging to be pinned onto the most enviable of interiors boards! We spoke to the EOEL boys Niko and Paul to find out more:

EOEL is one of our favourite stalls in Netil market, How did it all start?

Earl of East London originally started as a blog about the area but we wanted to turn it into something more tangible. Given that we spend every Saturday around London Fields and in Netil market it made perfect sense to start a stall! We only recently started trading but it is something we both wanted to do for a while. We are collectors of vintage curiosities and both have an interest in interiors. We wanted to share the things we find beautiful with others.

For those people that may have never visited your stall how would you describe yourselves?

We offer a well-curated mix of vintage curiosities, candles and cacti – an eclectic mix of things that we feel reflects a modern urban lifestyle. We only sell things we would own ourselves and we see EOEL as a lifestyle stall (or life stall).

We particularly love your candle selection, our favourite is Teakwood and Tobacco. What is so special about the candles you sell?

The candles are going down really well with our customers which is great. We found them when we were in LA last year, we bought one in Sweet Grapefruit (one of our 6 fragrances) and loved it but realised they weren’t available in the UK. Shipping from the US is quite expensive so we wanted to share them with others on our stall. They are made by a small but growing independent company in downtown LA. The owner has been making candles since she was 12, so it’s no wonder they smell so great! They are made from soy wax which has a lower melting point, this means they infuse the essential oils much better than standard beeswax. They also burn much more evenly and slowly than a standard candle.

You clearly have an eye for beautiful things, is interior design something you are passionate about?

Thanks, one of the nicest things about the stall is getting positive feedback from people about the items we sell! Interior design is something we both have an interest in - your home much like your fashion sense says a lot about you as a person. More broadly though a well designed interior can make you really happy. Whether it is your favourite coffee shop, department store or hair salon the environment and the way the space is laid out is always one of the reasons you keep going back. We want to help people make their homes more special.

What is your East london local love?

The name EOEL came from ex colleagues, who said I was the Earl of East London because I kept trying to persuade people to move here! A new favourite of ours is Mare & Beck – they do the best cheese toasty and we are always fans of places that can do morning through to night perfectly. We also love The Laundry which has a real LA vibe and is one of the new more grown up openings in Hackney. You can’t beat hanging around the markets at the weekend, each offers something a little different but they all have such a good atmosphere.

We have heard you love California, how has this inspired you?

We would move there in an instant – with sun everyday who wouldn’t! The Californian style is so eclectic and laid back and because of its location it has lots of different influences which have produced a unique style. There are so many great artisans in California and the US as a whole, all producing amazing goods. We love how supportive all of the small businesses are to each other out there and how they have really embraced the digital era and social media to promote their craft.

Whats coming up for EOEL in the future? Any exciting plans on the horizon?

It’s still really early days for us but we have a plan of where we would like to take EOEL as a brand. In the short term expect an online store which we are in the process of launching and more great products from the US and the UK. We have just started stocking Cage Lights from The Electrical Shop, they are based in North London but have a similar outlook to us when it comes to bringing beautiful things to the masses. We plan on being here to stay!

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