Fix yourself with nature: Spirit-Soaring Facial Mist

Fix yourself with nature: Spirit-Soaring Facial Mist

We’re back again for a springtime Fix Yourself with Nature instalment - a rose-scented facial mist for those moments of instant refreshment!

Of all our senses, smell most rapidly influences our state of mind. Olfactory bulbs line the nose and directly connect to our limbic system, the areas of the brain that process emotion and learning. This is how specific scents are able to powerfully evoke memories and deep emotions.

The essential oils in this mist have been chosen because of their transformative properties that cleanse the spirit, deepen breathing and calm nerves. Sage stimulates the mind and addresses mental fatigue and melancholia. Frankincense is an ancient oil traditionally associated with spirituality and meditation. It’s oil and resin contain molecules of trahydrocannabinole, a psychoactive compound purported to relieve anxiety, and which may be responsible for its uplifting qualities.

Note: Sage oil should be avoided by pregnant women (the oil can cause uterine contractions) and breast-feeding women (it can slow down milk production). Because it works as a stimulant, people with epilepsy or ADHD should avoid using this oil. Substitute for common lavender or bergamot instead.


100ml rose water
6 drops clary sage oil
6 drops frankincense
100ml spray bottle


Pour 100ml rose water into the spray bottle. Add the drops of clary sage oil and frankincense. Shake well before each use to combine the oils. Mist over face whenever you feel like a reset, and inhale slowly; deeply.

Recipe and words: Amy Pennington (Herbalist and naturopathic nutritionalist)
Creative direction: Olivia Crighton
Photography: Laura Allard-Fleischl
Styling: Victoria Spicer