RMS Beauty at Glasshouse

RMS Beauty at Glasshouse

It’s a super exciting time here at Glasshouse with the launch of our brand new online shop offering up the best in natural beauty and hair products. Our latest addition is RMS Beauty; a range of make-up that avoids harsh chemicals and sets out to heal and nourish the skin.

RMS stands for Rose-Marie Smith, a celebrity make-up artist who developed the brand after suffering from a range of health symptoms caused by regular cosmetics. All of the RMS cosmetics are developed using raw, food grade and organic ingredients, which in their purest form can achieve amazing rejuvenating effects on the skin.

At the centre of these ingredients is organic cold pressed coconut oil, which is formulated by not using any outside heat source, maintaining the Vitamin E, enzymes and antioxidants. This super nourishing natural oil forms the base of all RMS products and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, whilst adding a whole heap of softness and glow to the skin!

A little versatility in our beauty regimes goes a long way and RMS certainly offers this as all the products in the line can be mixed and matched. Here at Glasshouse, we like combining the Living Luminizer with the ‘Un’ Cover-Up concealer and dabbling with fingers across the cheekbones and nose. Set the look with a dusting of the ‘Un’ Powder for a light reflective finish.

Rose-Marie believes that as a living organism, our skin should look truly alive, appearing dewy and bright instead of powdery or dull. RMS products such as the Living Luminizer create a translucent glow on the skin, encouraging a barely-there look that radiates healthiness. For top tips on applying Luminizer see our Beauty Box: Illuminated post.

Another must-have is the award-winning RMS Lip and Skin Balm, formulated with shea and coconut butter to protect the skin and give a smooth texture. The balm also contains active propolis (often known as ‘nature’s penicillin’ for it’s healing properties) which is collected by bees from tree buds and gently exfoliates the lip, leaving it pure and detoxed after the first application.

It’s these uniquely sourced ingredients that sets RMS apart and we love that the products work with the environment in every way - from the naturally-sourced ingredients contained in the make-up to the biodegradable, recyclable and reusable materials they’re packaged in.

If you would like to have a look for yourself, feel free to come in to the salon for some recommendations. Or you can browse the range online at Glasshouse Shop. We’re convinced you will love RMS Beauty as much as we do!